dCS Bartok MQA Rendering Only?

dCS Bartok is a full decoder/renderer, but I can’t seem to get it to work by MQA passthrough. On the device setting, I set MQA capabilities as “Decoder and Renderer” but in the advanced, I have to set “Enable MQA code decoder” to “Yes.” then this is the play setting:

If I set “Enable MQA code decoder” to “No”, then here’s what happens:

Is this how it is supposed to be? So I can only use it as a renderer? How do I pass through the MQA track so that the Bartok can do both decoding and rendering?

You have volume leveling enabled. Any DSP processing (which includes the volume leveler) means Roon has to do the first decode.


Thanks for the quick and exact answer I was looking for. The volume leveling doesn’t work well with Tidal/Qobuz, so I am willing to live without it.