dCS Bartók Streaming DAC + HP amp

(Andrew P) #49

It’s totally worth the wait. Of everything we make this has to be my favorite product. We’ve never hit this level of performance at this price before. I’ve lived with, owned, used, and/or taken apart a number of the other DACs on the market at the same price point. There’s nothing like this out there.

Plus this gives us a little time to continue to refine the software. Nothing major, just little UI quirks that have been on the, “we should change that when we have the time” list.


Great, that makes my wait even more burdensome :slight_smile:

I hope that goes also for the HP amp. I currently enjoy my Simaudio Moon 430HA, and wonder if the Bartók can beat it. HPs are Sennheiser HD 800 S and Focal Utopia. Roon is music player.


Hi Andrew,

Can you give us an update of the expected availability of the dCS Bartók?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Andrew,

Any news yet about the availability of the Bartók?

(Ludwig van Marbach) #53

It was demonstrated recently by KJ West One, so it can’t be far away.


I hope so, but the Bartók is not listed anymore/ yet again as a Roon Ready network player at https://roonlabs.com/partners/dcs.html , the manual is not yet on the dCS website, and the iPhone/ iPad Bartók app is not yet available.

Yes, I am impatient, and waiting eagerly.

(Andrew P) #55

Production started on Bartók last week and the factory is working hard to get the first batch out the door. We have a huge backlog of Bartók orders and I don’t have any info on how specific orders are timed so I can’t tell you when a particular unit will be shipping.

The Roon certification is done, but like us the Roon guys are buried right now so it hasn’t been posted yet.

(Ludwig van Marbach) #56

@Ermos if you didn’t order one yet sounds like you better get on with it…


@AMP Thanks for the update!

@Ludwig I did order, early October :hourglass:


We are nearly one month further. The Bartók app has been launched. Is Bartók shipping yet?

(Ken Silbert) #59

Bartók / MQA question. I just set up my dcs Bartok. Tidal MQA files streamed through the Roon app display as MQA ( with a green dot) in the Bartok app, but there is no MQA indication on the display of the Bartok DAC. Tidal MQA files streamed directly with the Bartok app show no indication of MQA either in the Bartok app or on the DAC. Is anyone else having this problem?

(Andrew P) #60

Not seeing this issue at all with either Roon or native Tidal.

What geographic region are you in and what Tidal album are you trying to play?

(Miguel Barrio) #61

Is your display on?

(Chilseong Song) #62

That is a wise answer to a silly question.

we can say “愚问贤答”

I will to get two Bartok for my home and listening room.


From today all support files for the dCS Bartók are available, like manuals, and a new USB 2018 driver for Windows.

See the Support section at:


(Sean) #64


Was “Chromecast built-in” considered? Is it still a possibility (or planned?) via future firmware update?

(Kelvin Li) #65

‘Airable’ as a feature coming soon may interest you.

(Sean) #66

@AMP Hello? :cry:

(Andrew P) #67

As a matter of practice I tend not to comment on features for which there’s no formal announcement.

Well, if you’re going to cry about it… :wink:

Yes, this was considered and no, it won’t happen in a future firmware update. This was not our choice, rather another in a never-ending series of changes in Google’s hardware requirements. We’d love to offer the feature, but we can’t without making a hardware change to the streaming interface.

(Sean) #68

Same for Network Bridge @AMP ?

While not a formal announcement, this was teased in a couple reviews (I assume they got this info from dCS?). And this was the background to my query.