dCS Bridge and ROON [Resolved]

hello, folks
i have more problems with my new dCS streamer !!! now the Bridge driven by ROON don’t recognized well the bitrate of my music and all plays at just 44.1 khz !!! even the DSD 64 and 128 is recognized by the Bridge at only 44.1
(first all worked with ROON)
in the dCS app all it’s ok !
I have already disabled the dsp in ROON, but the situation is always blocked on 44.1 khz !!!

Hi @Giona_Orlandi,

Can you please post an image of your signal path while Roon is playing to your network bridge?

Something similar to this would be helpful:

It just crossed my mind… Is it possible you’re playing via Airplay rather than RAAT?

That’s where I was heading :slight_smile:

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yessss the problem was that damn Airplay (I do not know how it is set)

now I have disabled Airplay, and selected the right Bridge

also the quality of reproduction has improved and not just !!!


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