dCS Network Bridge and Devialet D440 Pro downsample problem

Just got myself a network bridge connecting to my Devialet D440 Pro via AES/EBU.

I am getting all hires and DSD files downsampled to 16/44.1. I looked at my DSP settings and all the options were disabled. I even disabled DSP altogether. Volume Levelling is “off”, and volume control is “fixed volume”

But still everything is downsampled to 16/44.1

When play via Audirvana uPNP or playing direct thru USB flash memory it plays straight DSD64 and 24/96 24/192 fine.

I am running out of things to try. What should I try?

Roon Core is running from a Mac Mini with the latest 1.5 Build 323 Stable (64 bit), MacOS High Sierre 10.13.4.

You are using the airplay connection…


How do you see that?

And how did I get to Airplay in the first place? And how would I turn that off?

OK My Bad

I enabled dCS Network Bridge under Airplay as my device by mistake.

I disabled that and enable the right device and now all is fine.

Apologies for the clumsiness.

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