dCS Network Bridge convert DSF to PCM problems

Hi, I am the dCS Network Bridge user and newbie of roon.

I am using Synology DS916+ 8GB NAS for roon storage and old model MSB platinum dac II pre as DAC of my system, the max. sampling rate is 24bit/192kHz.

When playing DSD/DSF file, Network Bridge will down sampling and convert to PCM 176.4 and 192kHz to DAC as device setting.

However, after install roon as Network Bridge player, any different between playing DSD/DSF file? Can roon down sampling convert to PCM 176.4 and 192kHz to DAC? Will better quality than down sampling by Network Bridge?

Hello i’m Not able to answer specifically for the network bridge as i’M not (already) owner of this product but concerning the DSD conversion to pcm/176 , roon propose a customized conversion if you need and propose some different filters for conversion. The dcs should use a filter but not with the same choice/flexibility as roon.
So in a first approach, I would use roon to convert DSD to pcm if the unit where roon Server is installed as this conversion should request some cpu/memory power.