dCS Rossini 2.0 update announcement

dCS is pleased to announce that we have applied the technology developed for Vivaldi 2.0 to our Rossini platform and, like Vivaldi, this performance upgrade is available through a simple firmware update. As with Vivaldi 2.0 this update to Rossini brings significant gains in terms of sonic and measured performance.

Rossini 2.0 includes the following:

  • Updated RingDAC mapping algorithm based on the Vivaldi 2.0. This includes user-selectable mapping optimizations to allow for further tailoring of the sonic character of the DAC.
  • Addition of a DSDx2 upsampling option adapted from Vivaldi 2.0 and Vivaldi One.
  • Addition of DSD Filter 5 from Vivaldi 2.0
  • Improved handling of MQA transitions to eliminate dropouts
  • New time display modes for Rossini Player
  • Support for app control of a connected Rossini Transport (requires update to the dCS Rossini app via the App Store)

We are very pleased with the performance increase that this update has brought to the Rossini platform and are excited to share these gains with all of our customers who have invested in Rossini.

Rossini 2.0 is available now. There is an associated update to the dCS Rossini app available through the App Store.

New features in the Rossini 2.0 firmware are detailed in the updated Rossini user manual which is available for download from the dCS website: Rossini 2.x User Manual

The Rossini 2.0 update also includes new network firmware which is detailed in this thread.

Once updated a Rossini should be running the following software revisions:

Main Board: 2.00
Network Board: 406

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I’ve updated to Rossini version 2. A search around the web is not offering any explanation on the changes eg Maps 1, 2 and 3. There is also. DSDx2 setting. There is an update to the app it’s now version 1.4.9. Didn’t someone say the update would enable you to jump back to your place in the album list? Doesn’t seem to do that yet.
Interesting times!

I will only be able to do the update next week.
My dealer has however sent me a release document for 1.4.9. As it’s a pdf, I can’t upload it unfortunately.
Maybe @AMP can fill us all in.

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An updated user manual is posted on our website. Please see the link in the first post above.

If you’re referring to the behavior of the dCS app then this change is due out in an update that is still under development.

The PDF is specific to the network firmware (Roon, UPnP, etc) and is available from the link in this thread:

Sorry for the confusion here guys. We wanted to get the Rossini update out the door as soon as possible, but I’m 7 hours behind the UK so there was a bit of a delay.

No worries. On a very brief listen it’s sounding very very good indeed. Lots to play with!
Yes, I was referring to the app but great to hear it’s being looked at.

2018 was the year when I did not stress about equipment and just had the most amazing time LISTENING to fabulous music out of my Rossini. I am extremely pleased and thankful to dCS for getting me there. dCS is certainly not cheap stuff, but the value for money is incredible.

I am flying back home now. I will update my Rossini tomorrow and listen over the weekend.

Thank you @AMP and the rest of the dCS crew!

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I have had Rossini in my system since about Nov 2017. My system is fairly high end and resolving, even by the high standards of systems in this forum (https://goo.gl/66fjxw). I have listened to Rossini for about 14 months in my system’s current configuration - no major changes. Around Feb 2018 the MQA update came about - other than MQA capability, there were no other changes in this update.

The 2.0 update is quite a massive change to Rossini - just see the list of changes above. Most notably to me:

  1. Completely rewritten Roon implementation
  2. RingDAC now runs at twice the speed (2.6MHz to 5.2MHz and the like) - note this is not the same as DSD64 to DSD128, as it is a 5bit implementation rather than 1bit
  3. Filters and mappers from the Vivaldi DAC have been implemented in Rossini 2.0

Some more details here: https://www.dcsltd.co.uk/reviews/rossinis-return/

For those with a Rossini, my settings for the comparison are: PCM filter: F3, DSD filter: F5, PCM upsampling: DSDx2, Mapper: Map1. No DSP used in Roon at all.

As I said I have easily 600-800 hours of listening in the same system to many types of files and music under my belt. I know what Rossini 1.0 sounds like pretty darn well.

Rossini 2.0 sounds more open, more spacious, more relaxed, AND more detailed! There seems to be a contradiction to it being more relaxed and more detailed, but that’s what I hear. It is a whole new DAC, with all of the qualities of 1.0 improved.

The tonality and spatial focus and depth of the piano in Maria Joao Pires’s “Chopin Nocturnes” is staggering. Female voices are even more real. I am talking redbook here. Amazing.

DSD tracks such as Amber Rubarth’s DSD128 version of “Sessions from the 17th Ward” also sound better, though this is much closer to 1.0.

Rossini’s MQA implementation from Feb 2018 was a little glitchy. dCS did the right thing and implemented filters that switch on ONLY when MQA is playing (which makes the MQA implementations difficult to do correctly). In 2.0 all the glitches have been cleared and MQA not only behaves flawlessly, but given the other changes in the RingDAC, it sounds even better - just like ALL other file types.

All in all, it’s like dCS shipped a completely new DAC to me over the internerds. Amazing.

Thank you dCS!!!


@miguelito I had the Rossini on loan a couple of months ago but at that time I thought it was not going to replace my TAD dac and SOtM Roon endpoint but with this new 2.0 firmware perhaps I need to try it again :slight_smile:

A network connected DAC will remove some of the spaghetti solution that I have today with SOtM products and stand alone PSU to them.

I did audition the TAD and in my system to my ears it didn’t do it for me, tbh. Point is it depends on your system, maybe the TAD is your ticket.

As for clutter and simplicity, prior to Rossini I used a tweaked out microRendu setup. The simplicity of Rossini was a great attraction to me. Since I’ve had it, I have listened to music 100%, tweaked around 0%. Good times.

Dear Guys, I am new to roon here and have been addicted into it. Rossini's performance is also amazing to myself, but just a quick que on UPnp recently: 

After the 2.0 update, track switching using normal UPnp and/or Openhome enabled app will make Rossini machine's display to show back the input home screen with the word "Network" briefly for 0.5 - 1 seconds (it seems there is no signal is passed to the Rossini at that moment). Is it normal?

There is no such issue on Roon or UPnp playing directly under Rossini app.

Perhaps it is so as I have a complete TAD system might be some synergi in that.
I really do like the simplicity of a Rossini, less cables and stuff to fiddle around with.


How long should this update take? Mine is at 30 min and counting. A while back, i’ve turned off my LED display on the unit so I have no way of telling its status.


If the display is turned off then you have no way of knowing when the update is done. I’ve never timed it, but 30 minutes should be enough. Power cycle it, turn the display on, and check the software versions. If they’re up-to-date then you’re OK, if not then run the update again.

thank you @AMP - it appears that both firmware updates were successful. Not sure why it didn’t come back up on its own.

With a device (FPGA) update it’s taken completely offline once the firmware has been written to flash and verified. When it gets to this point the display shows “PLEASE RESTART” but that’s not visible if the display is off.

ha. that makes sense… In the future, i’ll make sure to turn my display on prior to upgrading. thank you for your help.

Miguel : what ware your settings before the 2.0 uptade?

Mine ware Rossini 1.0 settings:

PCM Uplampling: DXD
PCM Filter : F6
DSD Filter: F1

No DSP used in Roon at all.

Settings were F1, F1, DSD.

That is my exact eperience with settings on Rossini and 2.0. I noticed the differences right away. I became concerned that I didn’t know the tracks I was testing with well enough, so I went back and listened to different versions of pieces I know very well. For me the biggest pleasant surprise is the smoothness and soundstage depth improvements. I have to give big kudos to DCS for all of their support. When I bought this DAC I liked the “idea” of being able to upgrade using software but now I am a true believer.


There is a update on Rossini DAC Software v2.01
Where can I read about the change log ? On dCs site is no news to be found?!