ddHiFi TC44C DSD Output

I’m using the ddHifi TC44C DAC Dongle on a MacBook M1. It is capable of PCM 32bit/384kHz and DSD64/128/256. However, Roon is converting the DSD stream to PCM at the source. see attached image. Has anyone been able to output DSD to the TC44C with Roon without a DSD to PCM conversion? How is it done?

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 4.36.59 PM


You’re using the System Output, which routes music through the OS mixer. Go to Roon Settings > Audio, and enable CoreAudio for the MacBook.

Thanks, I enabled CoreAudo (TC44C). The DSD Strategy is only giving DOP as an option.

Max sample rate (DS) is only giving DSD128

DSD over PCM is an envelope, so the DAC still receives DSD.

I can’t find the specifications for this DAC, but it’s possible native DSD is only supported on Windows using an ASIO driver.

AFAIK, Roon only supports up to DSD128 over DoP (I can’t be certain as I only have a couple of DSD64 albums.)

I have to check my Mola Mola Tambaqui at home, i think Roon is sending Native DSD to it… not DOP. Otherwise it might explain why J River over USB sounds better than Roon. :frowning:

Appears DSD128 of Dop is a Roon Limitation. :frowning:

The TC44C does native 256.

Appreciate your support… disappointing that 7 years and Roon is still NOT the best it can be.

Please share the signal path.

Incidentally, DSD and DoP are identical, it’s simply a different method of encapsulation. If you have a DSD256 file, show me the signal path as this will explain what’s happening.

The marketing brochure doesn’t help; it needs to state capabilities for each OS.

Looks like Roon is limited to DSD128.

I believe mac dropped native dsd and now only supports dop unless the manufacturer includes a specific Mac driver.

Your DAC maximum for pcm is 384 so can only accept a 128 DSD file via dop.

In order for DSD256 to be transmitted via DoP it needs a PCM sample rate of 705.6KHz as the carrier.


Thanks for that clarification. That makes sense. Os, it is NOT a Roon limitation.

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