De-duping tracks

One of the consequences of my having made my library folder Organized is that when I had multiple copies of an album that Roon used to treat as duplicate albums, they are now merged into a single album with duplicate tracks. Here’s an example with Spandau Ballet’s True.

How do I break these out into separate albums again. Roon doesn’t seem to give me any way to figure out which version of the tracks go with each other (i.e., came from the same rip).

First if you’ve not done so already … remove the organised lib and create a watched library.
The you know Roon will not move / rename anymore files.

Then I suggest you go to a file browser and look at the timestamp of the files.
This should enable you to determine the At the risk of being OT Miguel, have you tried upsampling Tidal through HQP ?
file sets.

You could also look at the tag data imbedded inside the files at the time of ripping, that may also yield supporting information. (I use dBpoweramp to rip and look at tags, but there any many options).

When you know what’s what, create a new folder for each additional album version and move the files into them.


I’m waiting a while for that. I actually need to use Roon’s folder organizing to get things back to where they were. I’ve discovered that it is super easy to break out duplicate albums into different folders just by giving the albums different names. So much easier than doing it in a file browser. And I’ve come to prefer Roon’s approach of putting the disk number into the file name instead of putting each disk of a multidisk set in a separate folder. And having the ability to focus on unidentified albums or albums with non-sequential tracks, that I can then fix and have Roon automatically put in to the proper folder and track numbering is a real time saver. So I’m trying to get as many disks organized into folders using Roon’s tools before I switch the folder to watched. Interestingly, the problem with True shown above, which also affects a number of albums, didn’t occur originally. I went back to the copy of the original import which was actually an export from a Sooloos system. It turns out that Roon didn’t merge the three albums into one, Sooloos did. But when these were imported into Roon initially, these somehow got recognized as what they were: three copies of the same album, not one album with three sets of duplicate tracks. I know this because I had previously checked my collection to find albums with non-contiguous tracks, and I had cleaned all of those up before this happened.

[quote=“Carl, post:2, topic:7164”]
Then I suggest you go to a file browser and look at the timestamp of the files.This should enable you to determine the file sets.[/quote]

I wish! unfortunately, because these originated from my Sooloos, all the files have nearly identical time stamps.

I’ve got dBpoweramp. I’m assuming that you mean that I should examine the file properties in Music Converter, but I can’t find where to look. The ID Tag field for all these files says “Vorbis Comments.” Not sure what else might identify this. If all else fails, I can export the disks from Sooloos again and this time make sure each disk goes to a separate foleder.