De La Soul - coming to a streaming service near you

Great news!


This is nice


Wait what!!!

I spent ages agonizing over getting a copy of 3 feet high, never pulled the trigger. Honestly have been listening to my old cassette copy.

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Thanks for the post - read the short article. Something about “control of their masters?” The article didn’t explain any of that, and I haven’t googled yet. Why were these milestone albums not on streaming for so long?

“ Complications around licensing due to the extensive amount of samples in their songs, as well as issues with their former label, are said to have kept De La Soul’s earlier music off streaming sites.”

Here we go
“ So what’s the problem? In a word: samples. De La Soul’s galvanizing 1989 debut album, “Three Feet High and Rising,” was one of the truly groundbreaking albums in hip-hop history, both in terms of its overall theme and the happy, psychedelic vibe it brought to a genre that had largely been musically and lyrically aggressive and/or self-aggrandizing up to that point. It was certified platinum, reached No. 1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart (and No. 24 on the Billboard 200 albums chart) and is universally recognized as one of the best and most influential albums in hip-hop history.

Yet it was made during the dawn of the sample age, and to their considerable detriment, the group ended up being guinea pigs for the creation of laws around them — not only did the ensuing legal battles rack up untold thousands in lawyer fees and effectively sideline the group’s career, their music has never legally been available on streaming services. (Head here for more on the long legal back-and-forth.) The music of “The Magic Number” is based around a sample from “Three Is a Magic Number,” written by the late Bob Dorough and featured in the 1970s educational TV series “Schoolhouse Rock.” “

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Now we really need track credits/links in Roon for “includes samples from these records”


Back in 2014 De La Soul released their entire discography for free but you needed to download it within a 25 hour window and it was mp3 only.

Hopefully, the streams are better than mp3? I will need to go update Roon’s preferred source.

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Physical releases are scheduled for the same day, so I suspect that we’ll be looking at 44/16 FLAC, WAV etc.

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Its on TIDAL today, (The Magic Number)

I just listened to my CD rip of Stakes Is High a couple nights ago. Can’t wait for all these to be on the streaming platforms!

Are the tracks actually available to stream?

that one song is

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I have the original cd. One of the few I bought back then.

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