De-merging merged titles


I just added an album to my collection and Roon merged two titles into one. Now it says “2 parts”, but I do not want to have it that way. How can I un-merge the titles so they show up as two independent titles? Haven’t found it in the title’s options.

Thanks for any help!

Check out “Split Multi-Disc Set into Individual Albums” in Fix Track Grouping.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg. It’s not two discs merged into one, it’s two titles merged into one title from one disc.

I re-scanned the album and chose a different version, and now Roon shows me this:

The title isn’t even correct. It should be “The Dream Nebula” and “The Dream Nebula Part II” (Nektar’s A Journey to the Centre of the Eye album from 1972) like shown when I re-scan the album:

How can I tell Roon not to use the database files and not to merge titles, especially when it re-titles them wrong?

Hi Bernd,

Ah, I see.

While viewing the album, click the 3 dots menu and select Edit. Then click the Edit Album tab and scroll to the bottom. Under Multi-Part Composition Grouping you want to choose “Disable Multi-Part Compositions on this Album.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg, that did the trick! I was only searching the edit section of the song and couldn’t find anything helpful there.

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