Deactivate DSP when MQA is running?

Hi! Now that Roon recognizes when MQA files are being played, wouldn’t it be possible to add an option to temporarily deactivate DSP whenever a MQA-file is be played?

Thanks for a great product! /Marten


I’d like the same option for DSD.

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Very good idea !

I’m surprised this hasn’t got more attention and it should be fairly straightforward to implement aka. incoming MQA format detected => disable DSP. There may be a brief 0.5 sec pause as the Roon engine adapts but, still, this would be far more preferable than having to do this manually.

Alternatively, have a Settings option that allows ‘MQA passthrough’ so the DSP is bypassed.

As of now I have two unsatisfactory options: (1) leave DSP off for everything and miss out on the option to upsample to DSD256, and (2) just leave DSP on and forget about MQA getting passthrough. Because of this I don’t get to fully utilise my DAC (Mytek Brooklyn) under either option.


I will second the suggestion.

Kim Kruse

It would be better to have just different DSP settings for each format. For example, if you have a MQA dac you want to disable DSP for MQA files but not for non-MQA files.

If you have a high quality non MQA dac you might want to use a short minimum phase upsampling setting for MQA (both unfolded and folded versions depending on the ROON MQA support), but for non MQA files have DSP disabled i.e. bit-perfect.

IMO DSP has far more advantages than MQA, but hey, that’s me… :grinning:


I’m waiting for Roon to solve the problem of MQA-with-DSP.
If you use DSP only for upsampling, I can see giving it up for MQA.
But Room Correction is vastly more valuable than MQA.


+1 (a big one).

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I played back a MQA track, despite I have DSP configured, I did not have to do anything (or some defaults that I am unaware of) and roon ignored it as the signal path below. What am I missing?

What DSP do you have active? In the signal path, Roon is not doing anything and just sending the signal to the Mytek which is doing the entire MQA decode/render.

Below is my rate conversion config. Roon applies the config to non-MQA tracks and ignores the config for MQA tracks automatically as expected (I have local FLACs and TIDAL streaming service only, I can’t speak for DSD that I don’t have).

Sample rate conversion is (just about) the only Roon DSP which is incompatible with MQA, which is why Roon disables DSP and just sends the un-decoded MQA file to your Mytek.

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Cool thanks for confirming that.