Dead Can Dance but some meta issues with the In Concert album

Dead Can Dance. In Concert. Two CD Set.

Album #1 - In Concert

Album #2 - In Concert Disk #2

Roon identifies the artist correctly for both. It identifies one of the two albums as Anastasis instead of In Concert.

Roon uses the In Concert artwork for both.

The description provided for Anastasis - though listing Artist and title correct and showing correct tracks, then goes on to describe the In Concert album. This is actually the first CD in the two CD set. So only thing wrong is the album title.

The In Concert album second CD lists out as unidentified. But has correct album art and title but no descriptive text ( due to being unidentified I presume )

Just an FYI. No action required.

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I see the same on my copies

And interestingly, AllMusic has issues with this too

“Due to label restrictions, we are no longer permitted to display this information on AllMusic.”

Same experience as @bplexico. Anastasis rip links to In Concert description.

I know it is an old topic, but it came back on my radar after re tagging part of my collection.

Anastasis is still being identified as the concert album, although it appears to look OK on allmusic.

Is this something roon has to fix? If so, where can I (we) flag this or will this picked up from here?

I moved it to Metadata Issues.

Let’s drop flags for @mike and @jeremiah to tell us if there is anywhere else we can usefully report this. Do the metadata providers take user reports ?

I’m actually talking with our data providers about how we can streamline this process and get errors reported back to them in a more efficient way, when we’re sure it’s their mistake. I’ll let everyone know when we have something to announce.

That said, this one doesn’t appear to be AllMusic:

Our metadata service is erroneously marking these two albums equivalent. I’ve fixed the error on our side, but figure about 2 weeks for the correction to filter down from me, to our cloud database, to your collections.

Thanks for the report guys!

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