Dead Links for Signal Path

404 codes for Allo.Com and Allo DigiOne. FYI

Its working for me. Maybe they were working on the website.

And if ever there was a website that could do with a bit of work… :slight_smile: Working for me.

Just tried again, no joy. V1.4 build 298. Not a big deal but irksome. Maybe they are among the Undead Links.:smirk:

It’s working here (the Netherlands). And indeed, the web site has a new jacket on (or at least the US site does - the EU site is still the old one).

hmm. Okay, I’ll stand down. If anyone can figure how a computer (Mac Pro w/ latest OS and remote) can access a site by browser but not via Roon I’d love to know. Just a curiosity item; nothing more.

Actually John, I think that I, at least, was confused by your initial post. Especially since you included a link to try.

Did you mean, the link in Roon’s Device Section that goes to the manufacturer’s website?

I think @John_V’s talking about the two links direct from the signal path to “” and “View Product Manual.” Those are broken.

Thanks for reporting, @John_V! The linkmaster has been notified. :slight_smile:

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Those signal-path links are different from the ones you’d normally use in your browser, namely:

Hence the 404 errors. (So all that time I spent in the 90s trying to be a website designer wasn’t totally wasted.)


Thanks guys - I see the issue. Stand by.

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Happy to help.

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