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Nucleus+ and MacBook Pro


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Hi @Gerhard_Martan — Thanks for reaching out!

Are you having any issues with the setup of your Nucleus? Is there anything we can help with?

Yes, can’t seem to enter the rest of the info. Since this was not new I did not see the restore prompt so as to migrate from my MacBook to Nucleus so I need to know how to get back there.

The backup is plugged into the Nucleus. I also installed an SSD and want my music files on it.

I was managing this on my iPad but my MacBook soon prompted me to deregister (although I had done that) and use it to manage Nucleus. It has access to RESTORE. That started fine but I’ve been waiting 1/2 hour so far for it to complete initialing. Hopefully this will complete.

Ok. Three hours in it finished but it told me on my iPad. The Power Book still showed initializing until I logged into Roon with my iPad. Odd but it is done. I never expected it to grab and relocate all my music from my Power Book. Assuming that the music fills all reside in Nucleus what is the internal SSD just installed to be used for? And should all my music files also reside there? I’m still trying to work through the architecture. BTW. It is rather hot to the touch. Normal?

Seriously? When it initially installed it migrated all my own music but kept the my dealer’s drive locations and Tidal connection. After the attempted restore everything looks as it was on my PowerBook but my own music is missing. My Tidal is fine. I presume that I still need to migrate my music to that newly installed SSD. Right? How?

If you open finder on your MacBook under locations you should see network and I presume if you click on that you will see the Nucleus and if you click on that see your SSD. Can you then select your music folder from the Macbook and drop it onto the SSD.

Hope this helps


Hi @Gerhard_Martan,

Now that the backup has been restored you’ll need to update the watched folder in Settings > Storage. If you’ve installed an internal drive, you’ll just need to make sure that the other drives are removed and then the internal music folder is enabled. You can read more about Nucleus Internal Storage here:

Dylan, that was already done. Initially the files transferred into the storage folder rather than the internal storage folder so ran out of space. I just completed reinstalling all my music files into the correct folder and it looks good except that everything is showing up as new. Before the restore was done the Nucleus showed all my albums plus the Tidal albums from my dealer because his Tidal Login was still in place. I suspected that the Nucleus was playing my music from the MacBook drive but when I turned it down it still played. ???
Last question: Do I need to leave the share in place for Nucleus to access my playlists or can they be moved?

Hi @Gerhard_Martan,

Are these iTunes playlists? If so, the folder containing the iTunes XML and iTunes library needs to remain visible to the Nucleus for these playlists to be used.

The MacBook that Roon was running on is now the remote so should be OK.

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