Debugging lost connection?

I’m looking for tips on debugging a problem I just recently started having, with RoonServer and an endpoint (a new micro rendu, that worked fine for the first week I had it). I have run Roon on this network without problem since initial release.

Here’s the situation:

  • RoonServer is running on a CentOS-based DIY NAS (with server-class Avoton MB), which also holds the (small) music library.
  • Roon remotes are running on a Windows PC, and an Android phone
  • network simplified (for debugging) to NAS and endpoint both directly connected to the router (bypassing the switch I normally use)
  • no problem playing music with the USB DAC (LH Labs Geek Out) connected directly to the USB output of the NAS
  • no problem playing music with the same DAC connected directly to the Windows PC controller (so, where music files are served over the network from the NAS)
  • but anytime I play to the micro rendu endpoint, music starts, then stops (within, say, five seconds), and connection lost
  • I’ve rebooted everything, with no change.
  • I have turned off background processing, etc., with no difference at all
  • I have no other networking related problems I am aware of.

I’m at a loss on how to identify what the exact problem is. Any tips? I don’t see anything obvious in the RoonServer logs. Perhaps I need to do some sort of analysis of the NAS networking?

Might be related to this?

It’s interesting to look at your logs. I’ll contact you shortly with more details. Thanks

FYI: Make sure that Jumbo frames are turned off.