Deciding whether to get roon

I’m fed up with the iTunes interface and want to know whether I can use roon with my exact same setup. My iTunes music is on a Mac laptop running macOS10.13.6. I play via iTunes and output through a DACIT into a NAD C 316BEE and then to a couple of B&W speakers, but also using iTunes’s ability to have multiple speakers I play simultaneously via wi-fi to a couple of speakers attached to an Airport Express across the room. Can I EASILY do exactly this via roon? I want to be sure to be able to have all four speakers playing and synced.

The best way to know for sure is to download a 14 Day Trial Version prior to purchaseing.


The best way? For me it’s worst, now I have to decide between 1y ou lifetime!!! :wink:

For me, after few tests, it will work, you have to sync different Roon endpoints (DAC + Airport Express).


You can use Roon without adding any gear, but you won’t be able to group your directly connected DAC with the AirPort Express as a single Zone. That is because they are different Group types, see here.

The Output to your DAC is a RAAT zone and the AirPort Express is an Airplay zone.

The simplest way to group this hardware is probably to replace the AirPort Express with a wireless RAAT endpoint.

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Is that list up-to-date? I think there are at least also Chromecast zones and LS50W zones which are different from the ones listed. Roon outputs on Linux (that is, system outputs when the Core is running on Linux), as well.

I don’t believe you can group CC zones (I group them in google home and the groups are available in roon, but don’t see any option to group them directly from roon)


Yes, as in no, it’s not a complete list. The Chromecast and LS50W zones are bespoke zones that I don’t think can be grouped at all. Not sure about Linux direct Outputs.

Nor me, but I assume they’re RAAT, like the Mac and Windows direct outputs.