Dedicated Operation Modes for Roon?

Dear All,

Many Roon-users seem to be experts, but others might just enjoy Music in the most easy way. I am using Roon now since 5 months.
Therefore I am curious on what others think about having different operation modes (like cameras): From simple to expert-level in terms of customizing.
I would find it convenient to have something like a „LISTENING MODE“ (incl. rating), an „ARRANGING MODE“ an „AUDIO-SPEC-MODE“ and a „CONTROL-BOARD-Button“.


Hi Felix,

What would such modes do? Do you mean to modify the interface, or, like pre-set DSP modes? I’m sure the Roon guys would be interested to understand your potential use case more.


That’s an interesting idea.

Let me outline this: Roon is perfectly designed for a prosumer or even a professional level in a kind of “control-centre”, requiring certain overview on the program architecture.

Cameras in their menu’s usually have different operation modes from “automatic” until totally manual with lots of settings. This way I would welcome to be able to switch to certain dedicated modes, depending on what is my intent of doing. May be among them one menu which can be customized according to my and other users priorities. For example my wife wants to use Roon on a consumer-level without the mighty options for technical settings.
Mainly I am addressing an “easy mode” (covering 80% of needs) vs. an “expert mode” with all the advanced features wich I only need occasionally.

With kind regards


I would like to see a “Music Discovery” mode. In this mode, I’m exploring all the “Suggestions for you” exploring random new releases, completely unknown artists, and other rabbit holes. I may like some of the music, but will likely dislike most of what I hear.

To make this work the song play counts shouldn’t accrue, and Roon shouldn’t assume I like those genres/styles, to drive recommendations based on those plays. Of course if I add some to the library, or heart it, add to playlist etc. it can be a clue to Roon of my likes.

Generally speaking, Roon’s suggestions are not really based on anything you, individually, do. It is based on group listening patterns.