Dedicated touchscreen solution

What do you guys use to control Roon? A 7-inch touchscreen Pi? A dedicated tablet in kiosk mode? Or just some random phone or tablet?

I want something that looks nice and is constantly available. Many a time I want to skip the track or pause the audio but it takes seconds for the Roon app to reconnect.

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Dell XPS 15 Windows 10 laptop with 4K touchscreen.

When you mean control do you mean basic play/pause skip controls or full control of your library and play controls?

Basic control would suffice. I don’t mind waiting for the app the boot up for the library but I want to pause or skip a track without hunting for a remote. :slight_smile:

Pi and Touchscreen then. Ropieee works brilliantly for this just as a remote or as an endpoint and remote.

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Is there a case that would allow the touchscreen to be lying kind of flat?

I looked at the NeeGo case but I think it might block my TV.

Full control requires a tablet with minimum 7(?) inch screen. Obviously a laptop or full computer will do the job.

Ideally, I should look for a cheap tablet (small battery?) that works well in kiosk mode. Perhaps with good cable management.

Add a Flirc remote to your Raspberry Pi with a Ropieee install and take control from the comfort of your seat…

Not flat that I know of.

My old Apple iPad Mini 4 works great as Roon control. I don’t use it much because I prefer my laptop.

Does it work well with Ropieee? I have a Flirc case already, lol.

I just use a cheap Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" tablet. Lives in my listening room.

IPad Pro…fantastic…

Just ordered this one:

Costs about the same as a 7-inch Pi touch screen and a NeeGo case.

iPad or iPad Pro…works very nice for me! Using the phone, is not nearly as good of an experience…but it works fine.

I use my iPhone and my iPad Pro. i have found that I can also adjust volume and skip tracks on my Apple watch

Surface 3 in Kiosk Mode also as endpoint

Yes I use it all the time and it works without any lag!

Not sure if your ‘new’ tablet will fit the bill though…
Hope it works out for you!

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Since it has a docking station I will just have Roon on all the time with auto-sleep disabled.

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