Deep Purple: Fireball lists track #3 Strange Kind of Woman, but is actually Demon's Eye. (Qobuz)

Qobuz seems to have only the European release (sadly) where track #3 was Demon’s Eye.
On the original US/Canadian/Japanese releases, #3 was Strange Kind of Woman
See Fireball (album) - Wikipedia

In Roon with Qobuz, Roon displays #3 as Strange Kind in the track list, but it plays actually Demon’s Eye:

This is the case for both releases of the album that are available in Qobuz within Roon, the hi-res one (pictured) and the 25th Anniversary version.

Track #3 is displayed correctly as Demon’s Eye in the Qobuz web browser page as well as in the Qobuz app:

(On the other hand, the Artist column is wrong in Qobuz …)