Deezer-Flow-like radio

I really like Deezer’s Flow feature, which in a single click just plays music it knows you like and also music it thinks you’ll like.
It would be cool to have something similar in Roon as part of the Radio v2.0 feature. I think that somewhere in the homepage of Roon there should be just a play button somewhere, without having to go into some category like albums,songs,genres etc. It would just choose a “mood” or a “seed” for you and play stuff similar to that both from inside and outside your library (if you connected Tidal).
It would continually learn your taste of music from outside your library based on what you actually listen to without skipping or dismissing or would change the mood based on your skips.
Would be really cool to have for people like me that more often than not don’t want to think too hard on what they want to listen to next.