Deezer is not in the “Overview” tab. How to install?

Roon does not “see” Deezer in the “Overview” tab. How to install?

Hello mate,

Welcome onboard.

Roon does not integrate Deezer unfortunately. Only streaming services integrated at this point in time are Qobuz and TIDAL.

I’d strongly recommend browsing thru Roon’s knowledgebase in order to get an overview of all the inner workings…

Thanks for the quick response!


Deezer integration has been in the “works” for a rather long time and there is no ETA on when or even if this will happen. Plenty Deezer and Roon subscribers are over on Deezer’s forum, pushing for this to materialise.

Fingers crossed it will happen at some point in time.

We will look forward to it, although I still prefer Qobuz.

Then stick to Roon and Qobuz :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I do). I just wanted compare…