Deezer support request


Hi all,

I have enjoyed Roon over the last couple of years but I have always had a niggling doubt that Tidal is the right service for me. I’m mostly into Classical and Jazz and find that Tidal tends to add very little new or exciting classical music. I favour Qobuz for this but it is not integrated. Deezer would be my second choice. Though I have enjoyed Roon and it is an excellent piece of software, I feel that this may be my final year as both the Radio and Services choices have shown little sign of improvement. This is in spite of various statements from companies like Deezer which is confusing. I feel the Radio facility is still pretty poor and it was mooted that this would be improved and was one of the reasons I continued my subscription. It would be good to see some shift in this area in the near future. I still return to my LMS set up regularly which indicates to me that I am still not entirely satisfied with the Roon/Tidal combination.Is this going to happen in the near future.


too long with no movement in this direction, instead endless discussion about MQA and other special interest stuff


Agree.And MQA has too many detractors to be a serious listening platform.I think time needs to be spent on more necessary areas, such as the stagnating Radio feature. And can we get a move on with Deezer integration as the paucity of Services choices is a real limiting factor in Roon’s progress?

(simon arnold) #24

+1 I am seriously thinking I want renew this year, wont touch lifetime until this is a fully rounded application. Its a shame as I have invested in a lot of kit to run this but its just not covering enough bases for the price. Radio is just too basic and runs on crap algorithms so you just get the same tracks or bands, it has no real recommendation system for new listening and the streaming services are too limited and dont get me started on internet radio. Metadata is very nice as is Tidal integration but if it cant use it to play you new music via radio or build you a nice recommended playlist based on this metadata our listening habits its just half baked. Might drop back to LMS at least I can choose from a larger pool of streaming services and get decent internet radio as well or I am seriously thinking of Bluesound.


LMS still hangs on in there. I have it running on a homespun Screen/Pi/Dac arrangement with IPeng as controller. Will it be such a loss if I migrate back there? Not sure it will be at this time. I also feel slightly miffed that a I was lured back into Roon with a statement that Internet Radio would be improved.I’m still waiting for this improvement and I’m still waiting for other services.

(Alen Perasic) #26

Tidal simply sucks comparing to Deezer. If I want to hear some good fresh music then I need to go to Deezer. Tidal and well, Roon consequentially, are simply not worth it, at least to me… I took Tidal just to have stream service within Roon, but comparing to Deezer, I feel more and more frustrated with every new day. Please include Deezer.

(Henry) #27

You have to ask Deezer.


They’ve already announced a partnership some time ago

(Sean) #29

Are the libraries really that significantly different? Between Tidal and Deezer?

Asking as a genuine question because I’ve used both and in terms of library found insignificant difference but that’s obviously heavily biased to my listening.


I would also like to have Deezer as a service in Roon. Love that Flow option in Deezer. It’s a great way to hear new music.

(Henry) #31

But the flow option is Deezer app specific isn’t it? I imagine Deezer through Roon will be much the same as Tidal minus Mr. Carters’ influence. (Who I happen to like for the record!)

(Sean) #32

I don’t understand this thing about Jay-Z and his ‘influence’ (it’s a common comment so not aimed at you Henry).

Here are the current ‘front pages’ of Tidal New and Masters. This is a diverse mix, no? Nothing screams Jay-Z to me, but maybe I’m missing something.

Then you can go to the Genres page and again - no Jay-Z influence apart from the Hip Hop category, which is just one of many.

(Henry) #33

Shawn Carter is a pretty divisive character. He gives the haters plenty of ammunition but like other divisive subjects the bad press simply galvanise’s the fans and pushes the ‘don’t knows’ to listen and see what the fuss is about. I get that folks might not like Rap or him personally. I don’t get that it would be a deal breaker for Tidal when there are no alternatives from within Roon.

(Robert ) #34

Guess I missed that. Deezer would be a welcomed option. What partnership details were announced?

(Alen Perasic) #35

It’s not about libraries but about user friendliness of those two services. Deezer has algorithms which uses to suggest new music to user according to his/hers preferences and previous listening history. It does this through “flow” and “picked for you”… while Tidal is just throwing new music at me that I have no interest in at all… I have both services now for a year or so and Deezer is a clear winner. Tidal is just a database… when I want to search looking for something I like… I simply go somewhere else.

(Alen Perasic) #36

And it doesn’t stop there… with deezer…after you’ve listened music at home…you go out …into your car or whatever…and continue in the same mood over mobile device…easy…try that with Tidal… yes you can do playlists and stuff but with Deezer you just hit the flow…
my appologies for being so biased but now I realized that I just forced myslef into Tidal just because of the Roon… but maybe I don’t need to do this any more… maybe Deezer and Sonos are quite enough…

(Henry) #37

Again, what makes you think Flow will work via a Roon interface?


Apparently mentioned by the CEO of Elac last year.Heard nothing since. Perhaps waiting for the Sonos exclusivity agreement to lapse?

(Alen Perasic) #39

Well, I can only hope. :). Anyway, it would be nice to see additional streamings services. It can only help make Roon platform stronger and more accepted.

(Sean) #40

If folks don’t like him personally that’s fine.

But I can’t see any rap influence when using Tidal via Roon, as per my above screenshots.

Unless all those artists in those screenshots are secretly signed to Roc Nation, I don’t understand at all.

The Deezer music library itself is not much different.