Deezer support request

(Peter Lie) #41

Anyone has any comment on how Deezer could have 6.9x the market share of Tidal according to the above diagram, even if it was exclusive to Sonos?

(Sean) #42

Hi Peter, I think you answered your own question! Sonos must be super popular… Probably more than even we imagine.

They certainly got Apple’s attention for a partnership with Apple Music last year.


+1 for additional services. Tidal is too American focused for my tastes which I why I prefer deezer and Spotify. It’s a shame I can’t have the audio quality of tidal with the content of Spotify.

(Nick) #44

I’ll add to the noise here. TIDAL’s library is US focused, and, at least for the genre I am interested in, not as broad as Deezer.

(Janne Johansson) #45

With Roon Tidal is great, but their web interface is horrible and featureless. Can’t wait to switch back to Deezer.

(Joerg Chmiel) #46

Deezer just announced a lot of new hardware partnerships and “hifi streaming”. Now I really can’t wait for a deezer integration into roon…


And free HiFi with a Premium+ account for the rest of the year, when using the beta desktop app


Please also promote the wish for Deezer support in Roon at Deezer Community –

Deezer integration

Currently only 3 persons have wanted Deezer integration at Deezer Community, so please vote for it.

(Joerg Chmiel) #50

Done…Just voted

(John) #51

Voted just now

(Johan N) #52

Also voted.


Ditto. This is an integration that needs to happen :slight_smile:

(Darien Hallagan) #54
  • 1 for me as well


Me too for Deezer HiFi


Lets have some more users promote this at Deezer


Deezer has 100 million subscribers. A grand total of 19 people have voted for Roon so far on thier website. I doubt this is really going to get their attention.


The Deezer forum har only been online for about a month. The 19 votes for Roon integration is among the top 3 voted posts in the forum right now. I don’t know if it works, but if we don’t try…


Deezer just launched FLAC lossless streaming on most platforms including Windows and MAC. So I believe Roon will likely consider this. Besides, Deezer will be supporting MQA (coming soon).


As long a Deezer supports MQA then it would be nice to have a alternative to Tidal. That said I have no issues with Tidal.