Deezer support request


+1 more options

(simon arnold) #62

If true not good, that would clinch it for me to switch from Roon to something else if no other streaming partners are found. That said dont think Spotify are profitable either.

(Lior) #63

Besides a short trial with Apple Music, Tidal is the only streaming service I used. I LOVED what I saw in Apple Music and would have gone for it if it wasn’t for Roon and its Tidal only integration.
I think Tidal sucks compared to other services and it’s mind boggling to me that they still do not have a music recommendation engine. I honestly think that this alone would have bought them at least twice the user base. Are they working on such an engine? I don’t know.
Now, if Roon had such an engine (a decent one) and if you could take Roon on the go in your smartphone, I would not care. But this is not the case.
Now Deezer launched here in Israel and I hear good things about its Flow engine and I would have loved to try it, but Roon is the only reason I will stick with Tidal for now. But it’s getting harder and harder to justify it…

(Stephane Gagnon) #64

I would like to also make that request, now that they have a lossless option, this is even better.

I tried Tidal twice and yes the sound quality is good but that is all I liked. The Deezer experience is much better if you want to find and discover music.

Finally, it would allow me to be have one software for feeding music to the multiple rooms in my house, combination of Sonos and Rasberry Pi’s.

(Mike Shortliffe) #65

+1 for Deezer integration with Roon

(Steve B) #66

Added my vote. It looks like it’s the most voted for feature request on the Deezer forums now.

(Ridge Back) #67

please Deezer + Roon NOW!

(Nick) #68

Deezer would be awesome!

(Joerg Chmiel) #69

@RoonFAQ is there any update or news regarding Roon & Deezer since this feature request is already there since a very long time?


It’s on Deezer and they have not provided an update.

(Joerg Chmiel) #71

And Deezer support told me it’s on Roon :slight_smile:


Hope that means good news will follow.

(Joerg Chmiel) #73

I’m very pessimistic until I hear something official (that’s the reason why I added RoonFAQ to my question) coming from a Roon member!

Given the fact, that the Roon license is very expensive and streaming services becoming more and more relevance in our environment, I would expect more engagement on adapting of streaming provider or at least some regular updates!

(Paul McBride) #74

Added my vote. Deezer FLAC support is in use and sounds great. Roon+Deezer would be a winner.

(Vincent TENENBAUM) #75

+1000 for Deezer support !!

(Chris Cowling) #76

I’m currently a Deezer user but having to switch to Tidal now just for Roon. Another vote for Deezer!


Had to do the same from Qobuz, still keep my Qobuz account as here I find better exploration offer and more and more relevant new publications on weekly basis. They most often are accessible through Tidal but not promoted as new. Tidal is my me too subscription that I can enjoy streaming through my HAF filters in the DSP engine of Roon. Shame on Roon not offering more services and having us spending more $$$£££€€€ for what we already pay.

(Jason P) #78

I have a dac with streamer that supports Tidal,Deezer,Qobux,Vtuner,and Tunelin.For myself I prefer Tidal.

(mannp) #79

+1 for deezer for me.

(Richard Pinto) #80


We really need another streaming service up and running quickly, without Tidal I, and I feel alot of others on here, would have to walk away from Roon. Roon does some great library integration, but without also having solid streaming support its not worth it.