Deezer support request


Deezer was supposed to get MQA months ago. I wouldn’t hold my breath about anything imminent.

(Nick Kurucsev) #82

Just another vote for deezer integration, tidal is missing so much

(Thierry Souche) #83

+1 for deezer

(Mauricio Farías) #84

Another vote to Deezer, Tidal is not available in Uruguay.

(ein) #85

Once again. Deezer HiFi must. They do marveles job for their own engine (search, playlists, flow, suggestions), they have much more music than Tidal (sad but true), and they are much more accessible than Qobuz. So Deezer +100 :wink:

(Janne Johansson) #86

Remember that it’s really up to Deezer and that the +1 on this forum has way less to do with it actually happening than +1 here: