Default 24 bit on Roon Radio

Is there a way default to 24 bit when Roon Radio finds tracks?

If you mean choose 24 bit over 16bit counterpart then Roon should always play the highest rate available in your library or streaming service. If you mean just play 24 bit files only then no that is not a feature.


Hi @chris_hoerske,

As Simon mentioned, Roon Radio should generally be playing the highest quality album available, but there is not currently a way to limit Roon Radio only to 24bit tracks.

No, not in my opinion. It should play the album version I marked as primary.
I don’t want a maschine make the decision what highest quality is. Not in all cases is it the version with the highest numbers (bad remasters, loudness war masters, MQA etc).

I’m referring to when Roon Radio finds songs not in my library. I love Roon Radio for it selects songs I enjoy but never heard before. My only complaint is sometime it plays the 16 bit version instead of the 24 bit version. This being songs not in my library

I’ve never marked these albums as primary for I didn’t know they existed… This is why I love Roon Radio so much. It finds great music. So… so I would prefer it plays the best quality whenever possible. Much rather hear 24 bit versus 16 bit. When Roon Radio plays a song I really like I always have to check the album to assure there isn’t a better quality / 24 bit version. Half the time this stands true. I then add that version to my library and / or set the 24 bit album as primary. But… A default option to always use 24 bit would void a lot of extra recurring steps…

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