Default between Tidal and Qobuz

Tidal user trying out Qobuz - will probably subscribe to both. But Tidal is still my preferred choice if the two are comparable.

My Roon seems to choose Qobuz version by default. Is there any way I can set up the default to be Tidal?


Hi Andrew. Have you got any solution to this. I have the same problem. I have Qobuz and Tidal account , but want to prefer in versions the Qoubuz as first option, and not the Tidal.
Anybody can help?

You would have to change the Tidal version to be primary version or Qobuz to be the primary. Roon will either choose the latest version added or the highest res version. If you added same albums from Qobuz to your library after Tidal ones it will use those as they have likely now been made primary version as they are the most recent added. If you have a higher res version from one of the services it will use that. There is no way to choose the preferred provider though.

I haven’t. It seems to choose the highest resolution as default. I just choose manually what I like. In my case, for the same 16/44, it seems to prefer Qobuz to Tidal, so it should be what you want.

I realize that no one has added to this thread in quite some time but was wondering if anyone here has come up with a solution.

My default comes up as Tidal, but I would like for it to be Qobuz. Is there way to set it up that way?

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