Default music service question

I recently added Qobuz to Roon having already set up Tidal. I would like Roon Radio to default to Qobuz but it always selects a Tidal track. Is there a way to change the default?

I think you would need to add the corresponding Qobuz album to your library and then make it the “Primary Version” within the versions view.

I’ve got a similar problem with Search, it always seems to favor Tidal over Qobuz, yet I found more albums sound better on Qobuz than Tidal, so I’m always quickly adding albums to a playlist and then have to go back and try and find a Qobuz version. I wish they would provide a Settings option to favor your music sources.

Roon radio doednt favour one over the other for me it’s balanced generally but occasionally it will swing to one service more than the other. This is likely as there are better matches from the last source and those versions are more popular in the Roon community. Remember radio makes its choices on many things. Tidal is likely still more popular with users as its more available. Radio is not solely based on your music.

Again same applies for search it will show the most popular version of any album . But this is irrelevant any version can be added from the version tabs of that album it’s not showing you just Tidal or Qobuz content it’s the album which in Roons world could be local, Tidal or Qobuz they are interlinked if it’s the same release. Its not finding one over the other they are one in the same.

Here is a search I just did it chooses the Qobuz version, I might search again in a few weeks and it might show Tidal as that has been used more.

Go into the album I see versions choose the one you want. Its more steps but that’s the way.

I agree that Roon should have an option to set your preferred library and then give you the secondary if no match Found. But currently it’s working as jts been designed.

In your 2nd pic, Tidal is on top, I never get Qobuz on top, and in my case, I prefer Qobuz, even alphabetically Q is before T, why is Tidal always first? Don’t get me started on number of steps todo things :‐)

Does it matter what’s on top? Look at the search above it. likely because Tidal was in Roon first it’s above Qobuz so it’s just a legacy layout due to this their is no conspiracy to make you use Tidal more. If it’s such an issue just ditch Tidal or disable it.

Roons search has no filtering as such so as its looking for an album it will find the most popular version from its records across the two known services if you have both. If the albums or track is more popular in Qobuz it will find that version as the likely first choice. No other apps I know off will prefer one service over the other either they just return whats there. Roon just happens to merge albums as one choice of which you can choose one over the other. That’s how Roon works so you can have all versions under one entry. What is needed is filtering on live search not just what’s in out library where you can focus on one service over the other.

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