Default new remote to use a specific user profile [Not On Roadmap]

there doesn’t seem to be any consistency for user selection in a new remote, its almost like its random.

can this be defaulted to one specific user or at least a sorted order - otherwise the whole profile thing is to random

do you add remotes so often that this is a common problem?

often enough that I have noticed it not always the same user…which is what I would expect, not a random selection.

Im curious to how many remotes youve added

When you install a new remote, the first thing is the overview that says ‘Hi Paul!’ with all the other users right there.

I’ll try and keep track but I still end up on my wife’s profile time to time despite her never using my remote devices…several macs and several iOS devices at least and the odd widows machine too

I wonder if we have a bug that is causing you to flip over to your wife in some circumstances… need more info.

If I called that a bug I could pack my bags, I’m afraid…


Still LOL after five minutes.

lol I flipped over for her many times and vise versa :blush: but I digress.

I’ll keep an eye out for it and maybe try to install again on a few of her devices and see what it defaults to…but if playlists are shared either way than maybe I’ll just change to one profile and call it roon or user or some other generic name.

for shared playlists, you can edit the playlist’s owner and clear it out… that makes it a global playlist