Default Play Options Setting--More a Tweak Request

When you press and hold on a track, the play options menu on the iPhone Roon app, now appears at the top, and is more compact. Pic:

It would be nice if this menu defaulted to ‘Add Next’ rather than ‘Play Now’. If I want to play now, I just use the little play icon on the left of each track. If I’m throwing together a little playlist for the listening sesh, it’ll be nice to avoid those extra clicks to add next.

I do find that I alternate between ‘add to queue’ and ‘add next’ enough that I’d want ‘add next’ to be first, but I’m sure some people would prefer ‘add to queue’ as default.

The default play actions can be changed in settings > play actions. That gets you half way there.
However, the little play icon always corresponds to the current default play action, and at the moment you can’t have it otherwise.
If that is your intention, then this is the right thread to gauge support (although personally I like it the way it is).

The screenshot you took shows “selection mode”. After long pressing a track you activate selection mode with one track selected. Touching other tracks will then add them to the selection. You can then queue the multiple selections in different ways using the play menu down arrow.

A quicker way to build a queue for a listening session is to tap a track (not long press) and access the play actions. Note I have configured the default play action for “Tracks in Albums” to be play next (using Settings / Play Actions)

Thanks, both. I suspected that it was my workflow that might need tweaking!

Edit: I just realized what the issue was. I was switching from the Lumin app which plays as soon as you touch a track and pops up play options when you long press. Sorry for unnecessary post and thanks for the replies!

No problems, even quicker queue building is by the little play arrow on the left hand side of a track. It inherits the default play action (which can be customised in Settings)