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Apologies if this is or was discussed anywhere here before. I have searched but could not found anything specific to this topic.

Can someone tell me how to reset this very first (home/default) screen.

When I am anywhere in levels of roon GUI and keep pressing Back < this screen with some album. This album changing don’t know when, why or how but its always something I played or searched???

I would expect by pressing Back I would end up in Overview or Discover or some other preset screen.

Please can someone point me to direction or try to explain to me?

Thanks in advance

Press the 3 horizontal bars top left then Discover etc

Back does just that :grinning:

Yes I know about the menu options lol
But why the Back < always brings me to this screen ???
Its really annoying and I hope it can be set to something else somehow

What control device are you using? This looks like an issue I have had with my IPAD.

Somewhere back down the line you probably had the “Blank Screen” issue. The main (center) part of the screen is blank with MENU/Bookmark/Search on the top bar (no direction arrows) and the normal progress bar at the bottom.

On my IPAD the first screen that you access following that “Blank Screen” will become the first screen in the direction chain (forward/backward arrows). Stopping and starting the remote app will not correct the condition. I have to delete the Roon Control App from my IPAD then reinstall. That gets it back to original condition.

There is an open topic in the Support section and I believe Roon has opened an investigation for the development team to look into.

That may be the case mate as I using iPad Pro 3rd gen
Will try the uninstall/reinstall
Thanks for this info

@Mike_LC I can confirm this mate. I have reinstalled remote app on iPad and now by pressing Back < its actually brings me back to Overview screen

Ok, that’s good. I had that issue 4 times in 1 month and each time was the same. I would leave the remote on the Queue screen and something happens that causes the Blank Screen condition.

I’ve read a few posts that indicated the issue seems to occur when the device screen goes to sleep and the queue ends. When they wake the device up the screen is blank in the center with the top and bottom bars containing what I mentioned above. I’ve had it happen when the device was awake 2 of the 4 times it happened to me. Someone on the site mentioned the Keep Awake option in the roon setup screen and I did enable that option because I like the way it works. It keeps the screen awake when Roon is in the forground but allows the normal sleep actions when Roon is in the background.

The last time this issue happened, the first thing I did was select Menu then Overview, which puts that back as the first in the chain, and I thought it was a workaround, but found out Overview was not functioning normally. New additions to my library did not show up in the Recently Added section. The only way I know of to correct the condition is to delete/reinstall the app as you have confirmed.

I am having this same issue. When I click the back arrows the “default” or first screen is an album–not the overview screen.

This is on my primary (core) PC. I tried re-moving the album that is showing on the default/first screen and now when I back up all the way I get a “this album has been deleted” message.

I am a new user and haven’t had to reinstall Roon before. I would rather not mess with it since it has otherwise been working fine.

I’ve only had or heard of this issue happening on tablet style remotes. Not had it happen on PC or Laptop remotes.

You can back up to your initial screen then select overview from the menu. That will put overview back in the direction chain. It will be the second page but it will be there.

Also since this sounds like a different version of the issue you should probably open a ticket under support to bring this to their attention.

Welcome to the community.

Thanks, Mike. Keeping the overview page as second in the chain is one option. But I still prefer having the overview as the default/first screen in the chain. Mainly because I’ve gotten used to the program behaving that way.

Obviously it’s a pretty minor annoyance, but sometimes when starting Roon it seemed to default to that one album—which, incidentally, I’ve become quite fond of…

In any case, after a bit of tooling around I seem to have resolved the issue by manually backing up my database and disabling the two watched folders, then restoring the backup. After logging back in everything is back to normal so I am good to go.