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Any way to set Roon to preferred streaming service when playing an album?

I subscribe to Tidal HiFi and let the Qobuz service expire for now. Still keeping Qobuz active on my Roon just in case I subscribe again later. So that I don’t lose my tags and history on Qobuz, plus able to view their rankings and “top … “ on Qobuz main screen.

The problem is, when I hit play on a new album I’d like to try, sometimes Qobuz version starts (obviously skips as my Qobuz sub is over), sometimes Tidal version starts. And I would need to go to versions to select Tidal for playback of that album.

Anyway to set it to Tidal for all playback?


I think your out of luck here, but you could try disabling Qobuz in settings rather than removing.

Isn’t DIsable (there is only one button —- DIsable ) the same as removing ?

Yep :frowning: I should have checked first … I was thinking about the difference between the Logout and the Disable options …

There is no Logout option on Roon for Qobuz

Edit: apparently there is. What is the difference?

The way I think of it, when you sign out of Qobuz all those options are removed from Roon’s view. It would be equivalent to unplugging your NAS. If there is something in Qobuz that is unique to your library, Roon will tell you it can’t find it when you ask. Otherwise, it is disregarding Qobuz as a potential source.
I don’t know the architecture of Roon, but it seems all of your Qobuz information is still in the database. So when Qobuz is back on line it finds it.
I turn off Qobuz or Tidal fairly frequently and can reconnect with no problem.
I would think that if you remove Qobuz, Roon would take all of the Qobuz relevant information from the database. Then it is indeed lost.

I think so, but only after a library clean up has been run.

This is also one of the things I would love to see, I am subscribed to both Tidal and Qobuz, would prefer to see the Tidal library take preference when doing searches for instance…

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