Default search results - Tidal vs. Qobuz

If I have both Tidal and Qobuz services connected to Roon, how does Roon decide which (track or album) version to show in the search results as default if content exist in both?

If I have a preference for one service, is there setting to select that preference (so I can add to my album from my preferred service first)?

Is there a way to set the preference for whichever quality is higher, in case of a differfence (perhaps less common)?

Appreciate any insight on how Roon handles this duality where I don’t have control over it, and where I can set any control for my preferences.

Thank you.


Hi @goldwerger

There are a number of factors that go into which version is displayed by default in the search results. Ultimately, we strive to show the most relevant content and version for each result. At this time there are no options to prefer certain types of results over others.

this is really not a great answer. you should either let the user set preference (which really should be the way to do this, since it’s our libraries/subscriptions we’re searchign through), or if you insist on making the choice explain how. I m now arbitrarily getting either one service or the other in the results, and may have specific preferences (in fact, I do). I really recommend fixing this.


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