Default Sort Orders


I have set up a tag for my Beethoven Edition but it doesn’t have a logical sort

I have named the volumes Beethoven: 01 - Symphonies To Vol. 20 etc so I would like to sort by album name so that they appear as the volumes in the original set.,

To do this I have to select the tag, select view All and then select Sort by , its a bit painful

This repeats in many areas of Roon where the default sort order is illogical , eg after selecting an Artist, the default sort is by Artist Name , BUT you have just filtered by this ??

I most cases I want to sort by Album Name , is it not possible to put this in as a “Global Preference” sort of thing or even a preferred sort by Area, Artist Composer etc


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I agree with Mike. My issue is also related.
When selecting an artist, the albums come up in order of release as default. I always have to select alphabetical (which is what I prefer) to get the order of albums I want. I have many live recordings and this is the only way to view those albums in order.
Could we have an option to select how we want to view our albums and make it static?
Thanks for bringing this up Mike. I agree


I mostly go straight to Albums and even when I’ve just been there my devices sometimes seem to default to sorting by Artist and I constantly need to change it back to sort by Album title. Why would I want to sort my albums by artist? If I wanted a specific artist I’d go to the Artists section.

I sometimes do, depending on my current mode of using Roon, because then I can jump to an artist by two or three key presses in the desktop version and see the artist’s albums by date without additional navigation to the discography. I like this for certain tasks.

That said, it should remember the album sort option you chose and not default to sort by artist if you chose differently. It seems the real issue is that this does not work for you. I don’t remember to have experienced this issue, though - most of the time I sort by date and it always seems to remember this