Default Sound Card losing audio when running Core as Remote

Hello Folks,

I’m trying out roon for the first time and I’ve setup the roon server setup with my home pc’s acting as roon remotes. I was able to setup the audio on one of pc’s without any issues by using the default built in motherboard based sound card as the default audio source. I tried the same setup on my living room media center and if I’m listening to a 16-bit/44.1 audio stream from the Server Core it sounds fine. If I change the song to a 24-bit/96 or 24-bit/192 song I loose the audio and have to go into my pc’s audio settings and disable and re-enable the default sound card. I sometimes also have to do a reset after a playlist has completed and I try to listen to another song. I’m using a ESI Juli@ soundcard in the Media Center SPDIF RCA out to my Lexicon MC-12. The setup works well with JRiver Media Center 22 for both movies and music without any issues. Have you seen this type of behavior in the past? As one would expect, it isn’t cool to have to disable and re-enable your soundcard multiple times during a listening session. All of the other features and functions seem to be working just fine and I’m enjoying exploring your offering, thanks for designing such an innovative database and user experience. DK