Default to library album instead of streaming?

When playing albums such as greatest hits collections, where i have a library version of the same track on my hard drive, can Roon use this track instead of the streaming version?

The reason is we have spotty internet service and if I can rely on Roon picking the track I have vs. trying to stream it would be helpful when the internet is acting up.

If I’ve understood your request correctly–I don’t understand the reference to Spotify since Roon doesn’t support this service–this feature is already available under Versions. Simply make sure your Library version is the Primary Version.

Martin, I don’t think Todd referenced Spotify, unless he’s since edited his post. He said his internet connection is “spotty” or unreliable. :rofl:

LOL, “Spotify” :grinning:
Ok, let me rephrase that, my internet service is unreliable (because Frontier DSL sucks, avoid if at all possible).
I usually listen on the weekend and that’s when everyone on our circuit also seems to be using the internet. My service slows to a crawl.
It becomes a problem when Roon is trying to stream music instead of playing the music that is already on my hard drive.

Ah! :grinning: So the Internet is covered in spots.

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If you are using roon radio then it is a lottery which track you will get.