Default to now playing for Control4

Can we have the option to default to the now playing screen instead of the menu for choosing music? Most using the integration are using the roon app to choose music since it’s so much better than the C4 interface, so going to the music selection screen isn’t necessary.

Hi @Sherif,

What other apps go to the Now Playing screen, can you please provide some examples (preferably with a screenshot comparing behavior in Roon with the other app)? How would you be able to access the Explore menu if Now Playing was immediately visible?

in that sense there aren’t any, my question was more about could it be done? The roon interface is so much better than the control4 native music interface, and would be great to avoid it all together if possible. Even better would be if starting a roon zone in the roon app could trigger that zone in control4 to turn on. This is how it works with airplay or spotify connect and control4.