Default to Tidal instead of MP3


I have a lot of mp3 albums in my library. Roon seems to play these instead of the tidal version.

How do I make it default to the tidal version without having to add each individual tidal album or having to go to ‘versions’ and select the Tidal version every time?


You have to add each Tidal album to your library

Thanks Larry. I may as well just delete all of my mp3s then. Is there a way to check whether there is a tidal version without having to go through each one individually?

I would just do it as I listen, over time you will get it all and if you don’t listen to an album, it doesn’t matter what format you don’t listen to it in…
If you let Roon swim through music this may not work so well…

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Not that I’m aware of. I do as Chris says, as I come across them. Unless I’m really listening critically, there often is very little difference. I have some really well recorded music that was compressed to 192kbps MP3 and it still sounds fantastic.

Right thanks folks. I’ll do this slowly as I listen.