Defeating Volume Leveling with MQA Pass through

Volume leveling is a very useful function for me, but now with my Bartok doing full MQA processing I can no longer use it. Can you add the option so that volume leveling is on but is temporarily defeated while MQA tracks are played?

Not a good idea. I do not want my ears blow away when the volume switches from e. g. -40 dB to 0 dB while coming from a none MQA and going to a MQA file.

Assuming that the Bartok renders MQA Core following the first decode (which may be an incorrect assumption):

You can use volume levelling if you let Roon do the first decode and let the Bartok render. Are you saying that you don’t want Roon to do the first decode?

FWIW, I let Roon do the first decode and apply some room correction DSP before streaming to my Meridian 818/DSP8000SE system; I’m not worried about any loss in fidelity in the slightest.

I don’t think the volume leveling ever creates 40dB difference between songs. Less than 10dB typically, so it should be bearable. Just my feature request.

Yes, I was exactly doing that and recently discovered that I could do the pass through if I defeat the volume leveling. I like simplicity in the path so full MQA processing in the DAC is what I like. So it’s my feature request. Hope more people share the same wish.