Defrag music folder externally connected to Nucleus

My music folder on a mechanical HD is connected externally to Nucleus.
Is a defrag needed? I do add and remove a lot of albums from its “temp” folder.

I do want to eventually move to SSD and connect it internally to the Nucleus.

Thank you for the advice.

I believe that the possible benefits of defragmentation will not have any significant impact.
At best, Roon Server might start a little faster, but I don’t think it will impact the current post-start operation. I think this is because the major speed limitation comes from accessing via USB, not from the HDD itself speed.

Instead, I expect the move to SSD and connect it internally to the Nucleus to have a greater impact than defragmentation.

If the HDD was originally formatted for use with the Nucleus, and you’ve only added media, the drive is for all intents read-only: Roon doesn’t write to the drive. However, to defrag you’ll need at least 15% free space.

You didn’t state the format of the drive. If it was formatted by the Nucleus, i.e., ext4, then I’d say defragmenting is unnecessary. If you are using Windows exfat, you could perform this on another Windows computer, but again, I think there is little benefit doing this.

Spinning disk (or connected via USB) has no bearing on Roon start-up time nor any speed impact when playing: there is no performance benefit using SSD over HDD in this scenario.

Incidentally, never defrag an SSD.

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Thank you for your answers.
The spinning disk (4TB) is exFAT formatted by Mac.
Via the home network, I add and sometimes delete media (by a shared “storage” folder of Nucleus on Windows 10 or Mac mini).

Will having an internal SSD shorten the seek time to albums or song skipping?

I wanted to defrag to keep the spinning disk intact over time, and preferably run this from Nucleus; but I do not think this is possible, and maybe, as both written, useless

I run both an external drive and internal drive in the same core. I only notice a delay on the first playback to get the drive spinning. Otherwise, nada difference.

To me the insignificant initial time difference is not worth the price to get a large SSD, at the moment. Maybe when 4 tb drives get sub 250.

Additionally, since you cannot backup to the internal drive, you still need an external drive to backup to, if not using a network share.


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