Delay Between Tracks in a (Qobuz) Playlist

Is there a way to set the delay time between tracks on a Qobuz / Roon playlist to zero time between tracks? I am guessing the answer is no since the tracks are at various bit rates and time is needed for the DAC(s) to adjust. But I though I’d ask anyway. In fact, I would prefer a couple of seconds of overlap.

I care because I am trying to recreate a play list from a r-to-r tape I made in about 1972 recorded off the air from a “free form” radio station (KFML in Denver). I found the entire 35-minute set (as KFML called them) on Qobuz but the timing is off a bit.

Compared to the off-radio set, the Roon / Qobuz playback puts 2 or 3 or more seconds between tracks and that sorta drops the on-going musical energy intended by the original KFML disk jockey.

Sounds like a great project! :blush: You could try setting the Crossfade Time in Device Settings (accessed from the gear icon on the menu that pops up when you click the speaker in the status bar) - I did try once but it’s a bit flaky, doesn’t seem to work on Roon Radio mode but might do for playlist? Also it stays on of course, whereas what we really need is both the Volume levelling and Crossfade as a ‘per playlist’ option - then it would be really useful. Good luck!

To my knowledge, crossfade will only work if both tracks are the same sample rate and bit depth.

I tried it on a playlist that was all 44.1/16 with a 2-second crossfade and it seemed to work pretty well. It seems that some tracks have some silence builtin at the beginning and end but otherwise, the 2-second setting seemed to pick up the pace a little, I guess.

Thanks for the responses, much appreciated.

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