Delay for paired speakers

I have Roon linked to my Sonos and seem to be encountering an issue.

My main hifi speakers come from an amp which is connected via a Sonos Connect, I have also added a pair on Sonos 1 speakers which are grouped together as a zone from within the Roon iOS app. My issue is that there seems to be a noticeable delay at the start of tracks before the Sonos 1’s kick in and start playing the music, is this a known issue and has anyone got a fix for it?

I have two One SLs paired together as a stereo pair. It takes the second one about 30 seconds to start playing after the other starts. So, a similar situation going on for me.

My delay is only a split second, although it is annoying.

Since it started I have hard wired my Sonos, changed to NUC core (from a MacBook Air) and the problem is still there.