Delay starting Playback, message

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Win 10 1909 headless Roon Server (Core i3, 8Gb ram, 256Gb m.2 SSD for OS/Roon DB, 6Tb WD Red on SATA for media)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Wired Gigabit, endpoints both wired and WLAN.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Happens on most endpoints, but as an example this is my Aries Mini (on 5Ghz WLAN)

Description Of Issue
Updated to Build 571 this morning and it seems that I see a new message when starting playback to an endpoint which is not currently playing anything (via RAAT)

I have never seen this message before and only very seldom experienced a delay between pressing Play and audio coming out of the speakers.
It’s not an issue as such, just another of these “features” that makes Roon more and more slow and cumbersome.

Also, build 571 seem to be ever more resource hungry when used as a Controller only on my MacBook Pro 2017 (Core i5 (2C/4T), 8Gb RAM, 128Gb m.2 HD, Catalina 10.15.4)
Kernel task and Roon together using 100% and burning my knees while typing… this.

turn off the power options for your ares mini under device settings…might be active by default

Sorry Wiz, no such option for either the Aries or the Hifiberry DAC+ I just installed… (which I suppose would mean they cannot go into hibernation on Roons account?)

Hmm, correction of the previous statement;
This seem only to affect the Aries products? My Mini and G1 behaves the same.
The Hifiberry DAC+ does not (over WLAN)

I seem to recall Aries devices perhaps had this power down option but I might be mistaken I guess.

The change here doesn’t make anything slower. It’s just displayed when a device hasn’t quite started playback fast enough.

For some devices this might be a few seconds, other devices take longer, but the change here was give additional feedback and be clear that playback will start soon – it’s not making playback start slower in any way.

That said, if you think it’s showing up too soon we can look at that.

Mike I often see the message come up after the lumin is up and even playing on local content frequently so maybe some timing tweaks could be in order

Thanks for the feedback!
I haven’t noticed any delay in earlier versions, Roon has always seemed to react immediately when i clicked the Play-button. I might be wrong and the Auralics have always had this one-two second delay? I cannot say.
I have never seen the message previously though, thats for sure.
And yes, the timing is not great. The playback can start at the same time as the message appears also.

And still, this is no biggie. I would prefer not seeing this message though. It’s a bit like crying Wolf! when theres no reason. (The start has never taken more than 2-3 seconds anyway)

I think this has been adressed? At least i’m not seeing this message any more.
This was almost always popping up simultaneously as playback started on my Auralic Aries’s (i have three different ones). Not that there was any delay to speak of, in those cases.

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Hi @Mikael_Ollars,

Yes, this was resolved :slight_smile:

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