Delayed response on iPhone & iPad

Anyone else getting sluggish performance with the iOS apps? Pressing play or skip or volume changes take about 5 seconds to respond. I’m pretty sure it’s not my network, I’ve tested and rebooted everything I can test and reboot numerous times.

Oddly, if I slide the volume controls, there is no lag at all. If I use the buttons, I get the lag.

Can you describe your whole setup. Whilst you see a delay on the iOS device it is quite possible that the delay is between Core and endpoint (as you say volume control is responsive.) So, how are Core and Bridge connected to the network? What music sources are you using?

I am using a MacBook Pro for the core, it’s hardwired and not used for anything else but Roon. I’m using an NAD c658 as my streamer/DAC.

I am using Tidal & Qobuz.