Delete Album Function - Cleaning up the redundant folders and files

When I delete an album from my library within ROON it leaves the empty Folder & Artwork behind which I have to manually cleanup even though ROON no longer sees it. Is there a way to take ROON one step further to just delete the entire unwanted album folder?

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Such functionality would be ok for someone who has organized and structured files, such as a folder for each album. However, it would create problems for those who do not have well-structured files (for example, they have several albums in the same folder) or in the case of CD box collections.

Although Roon doesn’t do this there is probably a way of doing this via your core’s operating system. That’ll mean it depends on whether your core’s a Windows, Mac or Linux device. If you’re running ROCK it’s likely more difficult.

If you’re bothered and add the OS details for your core I’ll post a solution if possible.

Thank You. My entire collection is filed in the Album Artist - Title (Year) format. It is a Windows ROON Core.

Hi @Craig_Rotermund it appears that your best bet is to use a Powershell script if that’s something you’d be comfortable with? If so this answer seems to have all bases covered:

If not there are a couple of open-source utils that do this but I’m always wary of recommending software I’m not familiar with. Will happily pass a link if that’s something you’d prefer…

I’m ok with Powershell, but they are not empty. There is also a folder.jpg left in the directory.

Just seen this, and you clearly mentioned artwork, apologies. Will get back to you, I can think of Linux ways easy enough. Don’t want to rush as a careless move might lead to an unfortunate mistake.

I appreciate your response and any efforts to find a solution. Currently, the collection is Tip Top with everything in order. However, I have become aware that the extra steps required to Delete an MP3 Duplicate, Stuff I have completely outgrown, or titles I never want to hear again is a little cumbersome. It “seems” like it should be easily accommodated with a “Delete Entire Folder”, “Delete All”, OR quite simply a hook to let me browse the file system and do it myself. I may be oversimplifying, but I see Roon as my future and would like this ability without leaving Roon as many listens over time just don’t make the cut for the permanent archives. :grinning:

Thanks again very much,