Delete album, tracks and playlists -documentation confusion

A note, in the past I have done this without checking the boxes (2 check boxes) in the final set of this delete process. I just now delete more stuff and check the boxes thinking I had missed doing so before and not checking them would cause stuff to be left in Roon. It is exactly the reverse (at least as far as what it does with playlists) - all the playlist entries for deleted albums were left in the playlist but noted as unavailable. I manually deleted the remaining entries. I check another artist where I had deleted a bunch of Tidal albums in Roon without checking these boxes, and it appears all the playlist entries were deleted. I suggest you make it clear in the documentation and the dialog box what the result of checking the boxes will do.

@support looks like I have seen these boxes before too and the YES is clickable regardless of the 2 check boxes checked or not, I clicked them both I think but unsure what the result might have been - I was deleting an album when I tried it.

The design of the checkboxes has changed, but there was a checkbox in the previous release, and nothing about how deleting works has changed in yesterday’s release.

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I am running yesterdays release - my question is what does checking these boxes do or not do. Seems when I checked them the playlist entries were not deleted as they were when I did not check the boxes, but without some testing I can not be sure. Can you tell me exactly what is the difference between check the boxes or not when doing an album delete?

You shouldn’t be able to delete anything without selecting the check boxes. Are you seeing otherwise?

Yes, I have been deleting Tidal and other stuff as long as I have been using Roon without checking BOTH of these boxes - in fact only one box was showing up and I DID have to check this to continue with the delete, it is required. Most of time I was doing this I was using the Roon Remote, but this morning I was working on my PC running the Core. This morning was the first time I remember having two boxes to check and I check them both.

As far as I can tell it has always deleted everything - at least the albums and their metadata have seemed to disappear from the Roon browser and any kind of Roon search (ie. they do not show up as part of Roon’s library if you do a search). The playlist entries were not deleted (the Tital entries remained but were flagged as unavailable for the albums I had deleted). Not sure they were being deleted before when I deleted an album, I think so but am not sure. Its hard to know what is happening with Tital content since I assume Roon simply creates a library folder for the album in its internal DBMS with links to Tidal for the content. There are not any Windows directories or files I know how to check to see if Tidal stuff is being fully flushed when I do a delete. I was expecting the Playlist entries for the albums I deleted to also be deleted.

To give you some idea what I am doing, I was using Tidal to expand my library of favorite artists (their content) and would add them to Roon, pick favorites and add entries to my playlists. When I found much of this content available from HDtracks in 24x192, I purchased it an put it into Roon.

I then have to print out my favorites and picklist entries for that Tidal album, delete the Tidal album, and transfer the favorites and picklist selections to the 24x192 master. I’ll probably be doning a bunch of this, but knowing what a pain it is I will now check to see if the content is available as 24x192 before I do all this work on the Tidal copy.

There didn’t seem to be a simple way to have this happen in Roon, Roon will make the highest resolution copy show up in front of other copies, but it doesn’t transfer the favorites and picklist selections to the higher res copy (unless I am missing something)