Delete audio device

I’m just trying to “clean things up” a bit and am wondering how to delete a device under the audio settings.

I have a couple of old devices that are no longer in my system–e.g. Devialet Air is still an available device from back when I had a Devialet in my system. I can’t seem to find any way to get rid of devices, only to enable and disable them.

You should disable the device for starters. If you then uninstall Devialet Air it should disappear from the list completely.

Thanks Jeff. The device is already disabled. And the Devialet is long gone. I can’t find anything on my computer that suggests something left behind.

I wouldn’t doubt that uninstalling Devialet Air left remnants of the device definition around. It will probably require some registry cleaning at this point if on Windows. Maybe try something like CCleaner.

It’s actually a Mac Jeff, and I’ve run CCleaner for Mac, but the Devialet Air is still listed as a device. Oh well, no big deal…just trying to satisfy my OCD tendencies :anguished: