Delete corrupt files via Roon client?

I have a few hundred corrupt files (of ~30,000) on disk as identified during import.

Is there a way to select these corrupt file, in batch, in Roon client and delete/purge from disk?

To delete just the corrupt tracks:
Roon tracks browser
Focus —> Inspector —> Corrupt
Then select one track (right click / long press)
Then use the icon top left to select all.
After that you can delete them.

If you wish to remove any albums with corrupt tracks, it the same procedure but from the albums browser.

However, I would recommend identifying the tracks and using say dBpoweramp’s batch converter to transcode them back to native format eg FLAC to FLAC.
You may find this corrects the tracks, if the error is only syntactic.

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Awesome, thank you, happy Sunday!

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