Delete database and rebuild

I had to unstall/reinstall Roon because it wasn’t picking up new Tidal favorites.

Would be nice if there was an option to delete the Roon database and just rebuild.

Or even just an option to force aTidal reimport…

I take it that you are running your Core on Windows/Mac OS/Linux? Just to note that this option to reset the database already exists in ROCK and the Nucleus…

Is it now? Are you aware of the TIDAL sync feature? Note also that, due to the nature of our metadata build system, sometimes it can take up to a couple of days for the system to “know about” an album and add a favourited album to your Roon library.

Re-installing Roon really is an unnecessary thing to do.

I installed Roon months ago, tried the 14 day free trial, then cancelled (but didn’t uninstall Roon).
Yesterday I asked for a new 14 day trial and was surprised to see that none of my new favourites in Tidal were in Roon.
I re-synced in the services menu twice but it didn’t fix it.
So I just uninstalled (and elected to have the database also deleted) and then reinstalled.
After reentering my Tidal details, it synced and I saw all the new Tidal favourites I had madein the intervening months.
I’m just using Roon for Windows.

Okay, not sure why that would have been the case, but glad that you appear to be up and running now.