Delete Duplicate Albums in Library

I have about 2000 albums in my library, but have some duplicates resulting from recent copy and paste operations from another source. How can I easily eliminate the duplicates without having to go album by album?

If they are added recently use focus in album view to select recently added albums and delete them.

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Another way to skin the cat would be to use Focus > Hidden.

Roon should hide duplicates by default, so you can then use this Focus to give you the list of albums that have duplicates, and then go to each album and click on the Versions tab to see which version you want to remove. For example…


Are all Hidden Albums duplicates ? Or are there other reasons to label an album Hidden?


Roon will hide duplicate albums and tracks by default (unless you explicitly tell it not to in Settings > General). You can also hide any album or track manually if you want to.


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